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Types of Persian Carpets

Sheba Iranian Carpets luxury

Luxury Persian Carpet from Sheba Iranian Carpets

Beautiful carpets is what we are all about. Our customers become lifelong friends. Simply read our reviews!!

Luxury Carpets

Isfahan Persian Carpets

Isfahan carpet from Sheba Iranian Carpts showroom.

Here is an example of an Isfahan Carpet. You can browse through our collection on the Isfahan page. 

Isfahan Persian Carpets

Tabriz Persian Carpets


Here is an example of Tabriz Persian carpets. They come in different designs  such as Mahi, Floral and Geometric as seen in this example. These Iranian carpets are highly  regarded handmade carpets. More on Tabriz page. 

Tabriz Persian Carpets

Qom Persian carpets


Qom Persian carpets. These types of carpets are usually composed of very high quality silk with a large knot count.. I is not uncommon to have wool Qom carpets.

Qom Persian Carpets

Nain Persian Carpets


Here is an example of a Nain Persian carpet. They are hand knotted in fine quality wool and silk. Normally there is a medallion, but sometimes all over design. 

Nain Persian Carpets

Vintage Persian Carpets


Our vintage Persian carpets are becoming very popular. These beautiful rugs have been over-dyed and treated to give a distressed look. 

Vintage Carpets

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