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Persian Carpets

Persian Carpets

Persian CarpetsPersian CarpetsPersian Carpets

Sheba Iranian Carpets Persian carpets. Finest Persian rugs and Iranian handmade carpets since 1980

Persian Carpets

Hand knotted Iranian carpets

Sheba Iranian Carpets and Antiques Stores is a highly reputable Persian rugs and carpets outlet in the UAE and is highly regarded locally and internationally. Sheba Iranian carpets  handmade carpets store is located in the Sharjah Central Market, which is also known as the Blue Souq and the Sharjah Gold Souq. In Arabic Souq Al Markezi.   Renowned for stocking genuine and authentic Persian carpets and hand knotted rugs of the finest quality, Sheba Iranian Carpets and Antiques Stores was established in 1980. Currently the number of Showrooms total three. 

The proprietor, Rashad Al Ghazaly, comes from a family who have been in the business of importing and exporting these wonderful creations for generations. 

Rashad carefully hand selects each beautiful handmade carpet for his store. Such is the quality of the merchandise, that Rashad is often commissioned to supply to Royal Palaces not only in the UAE, but also throughout the Gulf region. The clientele range from royalty to families worldwide to five star hotels to diplomats and other distinguished clients. Many satisfied customers have become lifelong friends.  

Carpets available include Qom, Tabriz, Isfahan, Kashan Nain, Mashaad, Bidjar, Sirjan, Soumak, Suzani, Yelami, Herati, and Heriz, to name but a few.  For a complete history of Persian carpets please see this link 

 To view our range of all types of Persian Carpets and hand knotted rugs, please go to our gallery page. The gallery only represents a fraction of the carpets and rugs in stock and we look forward to providing you with more information personally regarding any rug which may interest you.   

Persian carpets are produced in Iran which was once known as Persia. Carpet weaving is an intrinsic part of Persian culture and Iranian art. Persian carpets were woven by nomadic tribes, and in village and town workshops. Rugs woven by the tribes were distinguished by their fine wool, bright and elaborate colors and specific bolder patterns. Towns and cities were home of more exclusive carpets using high quality materials. Examples of these are Qom, Tabriz, Kerman, Mashad, Isfahan and Nain. Carpet weaving has seen some decline but there is a modern revival nowadays. 

​Our customers are our priority. We offer a complimentary pick up and drop off service from your hotel or office in Dubai or Sharjah. We can also bring a range of our carpets to your residence or office where you can view them in comfort.  We understand how important it is to find a carpet that blends perfectly with your existing décor and at Sheba Iranian Carpets and Antiques Stores; we are highly favoured for our attention to detail. Our carpets and rugs come in all sizes and designs and you will be clearly mesmerized by our wonderful array of stock.  

 To help you achieve that designer look, we can help you in your choice of lighting, furniture, and accessories to compliment your beautiful new carpet.   We accept all major credit cards. We ship our carpets worldwide.   Along with carpets, we also stock pashmina shawls, tablecloths, bedspreads, cushions, throws, handcrafted items and jewellery, and many exciting gift ideas. We also have a gift card which can be purchased online. This is a favourite among clients for Wedding, Birthday and Corporate gifts. 


Hand knotted Persian carpet

Hand knotted Persian carpet

Types of Persian Carpets

Luxurious Handmade rugs

Luxurious Nain Persian carpet from Sheba Iranian Carpets

Beautiful carpets is what we are all about. Our customers become lifelong friends. Simply read our reviews!!

Isfahan Persian Carpets


Here is an example of an Isfahan Carpet. You can browse through our collection on the Isfahan page. 

Tabriz Persian Carpets


Here is an example of Tabriz Persian carpets. They come in different designs  such as Mahi, Floral and Geometric as seen in this example. These Iranian carpets are highly  regarded handmade carpets. More on Tabriz page. 

Qom Persian carpets

Luxury hand knotted fine quality silk Persian carpet.

Qom Persian carpets. These types of carpets are usually composed of very high quality silk with a large knot count.. I is not uncommon to have wool Qom carpets.

Nain Persian Carpets

Nain handmade Persian carpets from Sheba Iranian Carpets stores.

Here is an example of a Nain Persian carpet. They are hand knotted in fine quality wool and silk. Normally there is a medallion, but sometimes all over design. 

Vintage Persian Carpets

Vintage Persian carpet patchwork design

Our vintage Persian carpets are becoming very popular. These beautiful rugs have been over-dyed and treated to give a distressed look. 

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