Isfahan Carpets

Wool and silk Isfahan Persian carpets

Isfahan (Esfahan) was the capital of Iran during the Safavids dynasty (1502-1736). Later Shah Abbas was a great believer in architecture and art. During his time the famous Emam mosque was built.   

Isfahan Persian rugs are luxurious and many of these wool and silk carpets have a high knot count. The base can be silk or cotton and  very tightly woven pile often comes from very soft kork wool. The  Designs were inspired by poets Rumi, Hafez and Atter. Other patterns include: vase, all over design, Shah Abbas, Tree of life and circular depiction of the famous Shah Lutf Allah mosque in Isfahan. Isfahan rugs can have up to 1,000,000 knots per square meter. Normally the weaver's signature is woven into the carpet, as well as the Iranian flag.  These silk handmade carpets are considered luxury Persian carpets.

Please see the Sheba Iranian Carpets collection of Isfahan carpets Dubai, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi below.  


Isfahan luxurious Persian carpet. High knot density. Wool and silk blue carpet.

Isfahan finely hand knotted Persian carpet.