gift ideas

Valentine's Day gift ideas


Many gift ideas in store for Valentine's Day. Pashmina shawls, cushions, bed linen, trinkets, etc. Gift card available also! 


Beautiful Tablecloths and table runners with napkins at Sheba Iranian Carpets this Christmas

Beautiful Tablecloths


All types of lighting and ornate hand crafted candle holders at Sheba Iranian Carpets stores.

Beautiful lighting and candle-holders

Many gift ideas

Handmade glass ornaments at Sheba Iranian Carpets stores.

Ornate objects and many handcrafted souvenirs of UAE

Handcrafted gift items

Handcrafted wooden ornaments which are beautifully carved, available at Sheba Carpets stores UAE

Beautiful hand crafted wooden boxes. Hundreds of ornaments in store.

Bed linen and cushions

Cushions, soft furnishings and  luxury bed linen available at Sheba Iranian Carpets.

Beautiful cushions, pillows and many soft furnishings in store.