Tabriz Persian Carpets

Wool and Silk Tabriz Persian carpets

Tabriz Persian carpets come from the Iranian city of Tabriz. Tabriz hand knotted carpets are considered a luxury item.  These carpets are composed of luxury wool and silk carpets . There are  various sizes and shapes  to include round rugs, oval rugs, square rugs and rectangular rugs.   Some examples of Tabriz rugs include Mahi, Herati, figural and pictorial. A good Tabriz has short and rough pile. Patterns can consist of a centrally placed medallion surrounded by arabesque, weeping willows and cypresses. Another style is the four seasons depiciting, Autumn, Spring, Summer and Winter. 

Omar Khayam, Sadi, Hafez and Ferdosi are four famous Iranian poets that are often depicted in the carpets. 

The quality of a Tabriz carpet is referred to in Raj.  The higher the Raj the smaller the knot. and the higher the quality of the carpet. 

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Tabriz Persian carpet from Sheba Iranian Carpets

Luxury Tabriz Persian Carpet

Luxurious handmade Iranian Persian Carpet size 400 x 400 cms.