Persian carpet cleaning and repair

Persian carpet repair by Sheba Iranian Carpets stores.

Persian carpet cleaning

At Sheba Iranian Carpets we offer a professional  Persian carpet cleaning and Persian carpet repair and restoration service for your precious handmade rugs. We also do color restoration of tired worn  out pieces to bring them back to life again. We attach fringes to your antique carpets. Please give us a call. 

Persian carpet repair

If your precious Persian carpet becomes damaged, don't despair. At Sheba Iranian Carpets stores we carry out Persian carpet repair of damaged rugs that have been worn or frayed. We also apply new fringes to carpets. We also have a professional Persian carpet cleaning service.

Trial of Persian carpets and rugs

At Sheba Iranian Carpets stores, we can take a selection of rugs to your home or office anywhere in the UAE. This will give you an indication of how it will match with your decor. 

Persian carpet cleaning

If you are visiting the United Arab Emirates and are interested in buying a Persian carpet or handmade rug we offer a pick up and drop off service to your hotel. Just call +971506786168

Interior Design consultation

We work closely with Interior Design consultants and if you need a consultation to help you choose the prefect rugs for your home - we can offer that service. 

Persian carpet repair

Color restoration - Damaged rug

Water damaged rug before repair at Sheba Iranian Carpets stores

Damaged Persian carpet. As you can see by this photo there is color damage due to liquid on carpet. Sheba Iranian carpets stores offer carpet cleaning, Persian carpet repair and handmade rug cleaning. 

Restored rug

Restoration of handmade rug at Sheba Iranian Carpets

Complete color restoratiohn has been carried by Sheba Iranian carpets stores professional service

Carpet cleaning and repair

Sheba Iranian Carpets stores are pleased to inform you that we carry out all types of repairs of your precious Persian carpets and handmade rugs



Damaged Kilim before repair

Kilim with damage before repair

Kilim with damaged area 

Completed klim repair

Sheba Iranian Carpets stores kilim and carpet repair

Repair of Kilim by Sheba Iranian Carpets Stores Professional service

Professional services by Sheba Iranian Carpets

  • Frayed edges of carpet
  • Hole in carpet
  • Damage by moths - pests
  • Color restoration of sun damaged rugs
  • Color restoration of water damaged carpets
  • Application of new fringes

Video of Persian carpet repair Dubai

Dubai professional Persian carpet repair at Sheba Iranian carpets stores. 

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